Michael Spiller is a director on Whiskey Cavalier. In 2011 he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

Other work

  • Sex and the City (TV Series)
  • Leap of Faith (TV Series)
  • Monk (TV Series)
  • The Bernie Mac Show (TV Series) 
  • Big Love (TV Series)
  • Kitchen Confidential (TV Series) 
  • Ugly Betty (TV Series)
  • Scrubs (TV Series)
  • Cougar Town (TV Series) 
  • Modern Family (TV Series)
  • New Girl (TV Series)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Series)
  • The Mindy Project (TV Series)
  • Black-ish (TV Series)
  • Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series)
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